Techniques of breaking hard objects with hands or feet
This is the process of demonstrating the power and skills one has developed through the study of taekwondo by breaking objects

  • Horizontal Turn Break (가로돌아격파)
    A technique to spring into the air with the neck as an axis and where it makes one or more full turns horizontally to break a target with the feet
    It is a breaking skill one can perform from a fixed stance, blind?folded or without using any assistance.
    540º nun-garigo (ttieo) dolgae-chagi / 눈 가리고 (뛰어) 540도 돌개차기 / 540º (Jumping) Whirl Kick blindfolded
    540º nun-garigo (ttieo) dolgae-chagi / 눈 가리고 (뛰어) 540도 뒤후려차기 / 540º Back Whip Kick blindfolded
    540~720º dolgae-chagi / 540~720도 돌개차기 / 540~720º Whirl Kick
    540º dwi-huryeo-chagi han~se dangye / 540도 뒤후려차기 한~세 단계 / 540º Back Whip Kick in one to three different levels of height